I'm not sure when the tradition began wherein folks decided to decorate their homes in the same extravagant way they decorate them for Christmas, but I have always been a big fan.

While there aren't as many houses all decked out for the scariest day of the year as there are during the holiday season, the ones that do usually knock it out of the park. And I'm happy to report that a couple of my good friends...KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK.

Cory Crick and Chad Christian are big fans of the season and ESPECIALLY big fans of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, and that's mainly what you'll see when you pull up and take a gander at their place at the corner of East 5th and Clay Streets. Now I'm not sure if they'll lean into that dual holiday classic next month, but I find it fitting that that's primarily the theme of their decor since the film revolves around BOTH holidays and their upcoming Christmas decorations will also be worth a stop on your holiday sightseeing tour of Owensboro.

Take a look at these individual shots and you'll see JUST how much they love the movie.

The Owensboro 'Nightmare Before Christmas' House

Cory Crick and Chad Christian of Owensboro have turned their house into a "Nightmare Before Christmas" celebration.

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