It's not just me, is it?  Surely I am not the only person out there who has become completely obsessed with DISH scapes on Channel 199.  Here's where this passionate love affair began.

My relationship with DISH scapes started years ago when I stumbled across the DISH fireplace scene during the winter.  If you listen to my morning show or know me at all, you know my biggest fear on Earth is fire.  I would NEVER have a real fireplace in my house.  EVER!  But, I love having the image of a fireplace fire burning and crackling on my TV screen.  That is winter heaven for me, without the risk of having to get my fire escape ladder out from underneath my bed and rappel down the side out of my house.

I also loathe snow. In fact, winter weather makes me angry.  I don't necessarily know why.  It's likely because I have a healthy dose of PTSD from the ice storm of 2009.  There's something about laying in my kitchen floor on the sixth day without power, freezing my face (and other important, but less seen body parts) off and seeing the thermostat reminder that the temp in my house is 42 degrees.  Yeah, I'm still scarred by that.  I spent six days living like a penguin and I'm not going back.

However, as much as I detest snow, I do think it's pretty (well, until my three dogs get a hold of it).  So, each Christmas time, I do appreciate the DISH scape with the house and the Christmas lights and the snow.  It's a healthy dose of Jack Frost without having him literally nipping at my nose, my big ole ears, and my fingertips and toes, which get absolutely ZERO blood circulation from my pumping heart.

Well, for the month of January, DISH scapes has served up another amazing backdrop and I am here for it.  Actually, I am sprawled across the sectional for it.  They have a tropical landscape and it is the BEST!  Ya'll know I am a traveler.  I have visited nearly every island in the Caribbean and I LOVE THE TROPICS.  Since I have been basically trapped at home since I got COVID-19 December 28th, Channel 199 has been whisking me away to a virtual Fantasy Island, minus the little guy, his cries of "De plane! De plane!" and the occasional random guest starring appearance by Eve Plumb.

I am normally not much of a napper.  However, since COVID-19 kicked (and somewhat continues to kick my butt), I nap A LOT.  And I have started napping on the couch with the TV on Channel 199- with the waves crashing, the birds, the frogs, some weird creature that crawls out of the brush (I have no idea what that thing is).  But the absolute BEST part of the tropical island DISH scape is the thunderstorm that rolls across the island.  Having experienced it in real life many times, there's nothing quite as relaxing as a light thunderstorm on a tropical island.  It is literally the PERFECT napping weather.  And I have been enjoying a series of perfect naps thanks to DISH scapes.  Those naps are continuing into February now that DISH has changed out is "scape" for the month.  The new one???  Wait for it . . .



Am I alone in this?  Do I just need a hobby?  Someone?  Anyone?

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