I visited the OCTC campus yesterday to film some video for next week's Rooster Booster Breakfast for the Greater Owensboro Greater Chamber of Commerce.  The "set" for our video was one of these!  OCTC is now home to two unique solar-powered charging stations.  The "Lynx" is what it looks like- a solar-powered picnic table that allows students and faculty to charge their devices, while hanging outside and enjoying some fresh air.  Take a look!

OCTC's Solar Charging Station

The two new charging stations are the result of a partnership between Owensboro Community and Technical College, Big Rivers and Kenergy.

According to OCTC President, Dr. Scott Williams, students "were looking for plug-ins and chargers."  While there are internal charging stations, the school saw the need for an alternative.  Thus, the idea for the outdoor solar-powered charging stations was born.  A couple of weeks ago, that idea became a reality on campus.

The initiative carried a price tag of $20,000 and, thanks to the help of the college's energy partners, OCTC was able to secure the funding and install the stations.

And I have to say, they're really cool! If you tune into next week's virtual Rooster Booster broadcast on the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce's Facebook page you'll see a "Lynx" front and center in one of our videos.

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