If I never hear CLANK! again for the rest of my life, I will be very thankful. Last night's brick-fest between UConn and Butler set college basketball back a hundred years. You know, when basketball was all about a soccer ball and couple of peach baskets. And after last night's game, University of Kentucky fans have to wonder about a certain alternate reality.

It was made clear during the game that Connecticut made all of TWO 3-point shots in the entirety of the Final Four--one against UK and one against Butler. Connecticut didn't score 60 points in either game. Connecticut's combined shooting percentage for both games was 40.7%. And yet the Huskies are now proud owners of a third national championship trophy. And here's the rub: Big Blue Nation was thrilled to death that the 'Cats finally ended their 13-year Final Four drought. And while getting to the title game and winning it all would have created global blue-hued apoplexy, it was a great feeling just to finally get over that hump. I don't think any of us thought that THIS Wildcat team was going to be the one to bring home an 8th title, at long last. But on Saturday, Kentucky just lost by one. And that means going 6 for 12 instead of 4 for 12 at the free-throw line would have led to a one point victory. And THAT would have meant playing last night. And it seems fairly clear that Kentucky would have won. But it's best not to think about such things. Although, ANYTHING that would make me forget about last night would be welcomed with open arms. Go Big Blue! We'll see you next season.