The Marshall County High School shooting yesterday has brought a rallying of support from many Kentucky schools and sports teams.  Ohio County paid their respects at last nights basketball games.So many people are posting prayers for the students and staff of Marshall County HS.  Others are changing profile pictures in support.

Ohio County Basketball Players, Coaches, and Cheerleaders decided they would pray and pay tribute by wearing orange at their games last night.  My dear friend and Ohio County Cheerleading Coach Brooke Wise posted:

When you don’t know what to do or say...pray for each other and love on each other the best way you can.

People say sports can sometimes bring out the worst in people but I like to think it brings out the best even more.

We wore orange bows for our cheerleading friends at Marshall County.

#prayformarshall @ Ohio County High School

Brooke Wise
Brooke Wise

In sometimes a very harsh and cold world.  It is a beautiful and blessed thing to see everyone come together in horribly hard and sad events such as this.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the families and all affected by this tragedy.