Fall is here. It is, in my opinion, the very best time of the year. I bet there are a lot of folks who would agree with me. But with fall come thoughts of winter...invariably, it seems.

Since it always feels to me like the rest of the year flies by at an other-worldly rate once we hit September 1st, I get to thinking about winter a little TOO ahead of schedule.

So I consulted the Old Farmer's Almanac to get some idea of what we might be able to expect this winter.

And what I found was good news for folks who hate the cold and don't wish to see much snow.

The Almanac indicates that the coldest part of the coming winter will be mid-to-late December, late January, and early February.

As typical as that sounds, the Almanac still says that winter temperatures will be above normal, especially in January.

Now, some folks will take these long-range forecasts with a grain of salt, but the prediction from the Old Farmer's Almanac for NEXT WEEK--which was made at least a month ago--matches up with what we've already heard from the Eyewitness News team.

So, if you're a big fan of building snowmen, you might want to focus on a smaller model this winter.


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