I make New Year's resolutions every year, just like everyone else. I just don't ever talk about them. It's a personal quirk, but it works for me. I've always been the type who, if I talk about it AT ALL, I might not end up walking the walk.


I've seen that Owensboro has made ITS New Year's resolution, so to speak, with an exciting slate of live music, new businesses, the return of a popular festival, and the return of a popular festival to its original time slot. And let's not forget the schedule of Broadway shows at the RiverPark Center in 2022.

Hops on the Ohio has had to take a powder the last couple of years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it will make its return to the RiverPark Center on Saturday, July 9th.

Speaking of beer, who's up for a new brewpub in downtown Owensboro? It's called Goodwood Brewing and Spirits and will open at 101 Frederica Street in 2022.

And, of course, ROMP is back in 2022 and back in its old time slot, late June--specifically June 22nd through June 25th.


Naturally, more events will be added to the city's calendar as the year progresses and I'm looking forward to seeing what they will be.

I recently conducted an informal survey and asked my fellow Owensboroans what they'd like to see happen in Owensboro in 2022. A few of the responses MAYBE touched on a few things I covered above, but, for the most part, they were original ideas. Some were pretty funny, and some were very serious--meaning it might take more than just one year for said suggestions to come to fruition.

So what do Owensboroans want to see happen in 2022? Let's find out.

What Owensboroans Want to See Happen in Owensboro in 2022

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride, as the saying goes. But there's also a saying my mother used a lot--"Put feet to your prayers." So let's see if those two old adages can come together and make any of these suggestions happen over the next 11-plus months.

Owensboro from A to Z

It wasn't easy, but I have an entry for every letter of the alphabet. I'm sure there will be other suggestions and I welcome them all.

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