The Owensboro Air Show returns this September 15th-17th featuring the incredible U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.  Last week you may have heard Tim Ross from the City of Owensboro who joined me on the morning show to talk about something new planned for this year.  Thunderbird Thursdays are sure to be a really fun way to learn more about the men and women who will soar the skies above Owensboro.

The Thunderbirds are the official air demonstration team for the United States Air Force. They have been wowing audiences nationwide since they first began in 1953.  The demonstration is made up of six F-16 fighter jets known as Fighting Falcons which glide through the sky in amazing formations performing impressive maneuvers.



I have SO many questions about what it's like to fly through the air in such a powerful aircraft. Some are a little sillier than others, but that's OK! What do the pilots do when nature calls during a flight? Have they ever been scared by anything in the air? How long do they train to become a pilot? Favorite Top Gun quote?


If you have questions you'd like to ask a Thunderbird pilot, you have until July 27th to email them to  Starting August 10th, they will choose one question to answer each Thursday until the Owensboro Airshow in September. If they pick your question, you will be contacted to record the question on camera! So fun!

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Be sure to tune in to the Owensboro Air Show Facebook page on Thursdays to check out the questions and answers. For more information about the airshow or to check out the schedule of events, visit


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