Thursday was a special day at Tamarack Elementary School in Owensboro. Not only was it Valentine's Day, it was 'Mr. Ricky Day.'

Ricky Young has been Tamarack's custodian for nine years and the kids love him. And, in fact, it was two of the students--fifth graders--who suggested a special day to honor their friend.

So, on a day when 'love' takes center stage, the students and faculty at Tamarack showed their love for Mr. Ricky.

And ABC's Good Morning America LOVED what they saw and shared the celebration on its Twitter feed:

What a great moment.

We were there ahead of his entrance into the gym and got to meet him.

And we'd like to add our thanks to someone who has obviously become a tremendous role model for a lot of kids.

Needless to say, we'll take all the great role models for kids that we can get.

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