The Owensboro Eastern 12U All-Star team will represent the Ohio Valley in the Cal Ripken World Series this weekend. The team will be headed to Florida, and they need our help to get there. Here's how you can donate to cheer them along.

Owensboro Eastern 12U All-Stars at Friday After 5.
Owensboro Eastern 12U All-Stars at Friday After 5.

Owensboro Eastern Little League at Chautauqua Park

I spent many years at Chautauqua Park with Owensboro Eastern Little League in the 90s'. My husband coached baseball there for many years. There's a very rich history associated with Owensboro Eastern. Many young men have learned the sport of baseball and many life lessons on the field. As a matter of fact, Chris actually coached some of the parents and coaches on the Owensboro Eastern 12U All-Star team. It felt nostalgic talking with them recently. #feelingold

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Owensboro Eastern 12U All-Stars at Friday After 5

I actually had the chance to talk to the Owensboro Eastern 12U All-Star team at Friday After 5 and they're so very excited to make the trip to Florida and to play ball. They were also in fundraising mode to help offset the cost of the trip.



I touched base with Paige Sowders this morning and she shared, "We will be headed to Palm Beach Florida for the 12U Cal Ripken World Series on Friday. The first pool play game will take place on Saturday with the first game being played at 8:30. We have a game changer app that the community can follow during live gameplay (GAME CHANGER NAME: Owensboro Eastern 12U Allstars 2021).

You can follow the Owensboro Eastern Cal Ripken Baseball Facebook page with frequent updates throughout the week.  We are posting pictures of the Team throughout the week, basically a biography behind them in order to allow the community to get to know members of our team.

There are many ways that you can donate to the team. They're accepting donations through all sources: Venmo: @Otis-sowders, CASHAPP: $otissowders, Cash, Checks: Made out to Owensboro Eastern or you can Call 270-222-7950 and they can accept payment via card over the phone.

They also have the GoFundMe account at:

We are amazed by the love and support the community has given all of our boys. I am so proud to be able to call Owensboro my home. This past week, our boys have felt like celebrities, they can't believe people know who they are!", Sowders concluded.

Owensboro Eastern 12U All-Stars Head to World Series

The Owensboro Eastern 12U Cal Ripken All-Star team won the Ohio Valley Regional and will be heading to the Cal Ripken World Series in Palm Beach, Florida this weekend.

Who are the 2021 Owensboro Eastern 12U All-Stars that will represent Owensboro and the Ohio Valley in the Ripken World Series?

Team Roster:
Peyton Isbell "Izzy" #3 - Second Base, Pitcher
Christian Fulks #5- Outfield
Alex Hood #10- Outfield, Pitcher, Catcher
DreMail Carothers "Cheat Code" #9- Outfield, Shortstop, Pitcher
Gunnar Hendricks #22- Catcher, Pitcher
Hunter Webb #30- Outfield
Jayden James #11- Third Base, Pitcher
Kaydon Vineyard #73- Outfield
Khilan Hamilton #27, Outfield, Second base
Ladainian November #34 Outfield, Third, Pitcher
Lane Hundley #8- Outfield, Pitcher
Logan Trone #28 First base, Outfield
Ross Milburn #24, Shortstop, Pitcher, Catcher
Ty Lillpop #6 First base, Pitcher
Zayden Baker #1 Outfield

Otis Sowders - League President
John Milburn - Manager
Jeremiah November

You can use your card and VENMO: @otis-sowders or CASHAPP: $otissowders
You can also make a check out to Owensboro Eastern.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
$250- Company logo on a banner
$600- Company logo on team banner, plus a 3X6 banner advertised all year at Owensboro Eastern ball field for the 2022 baseball season.

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