A few weeks ago, we received a message asking us what was going up across from Popeye's on Highway 54.

I went out there and learned it was going to be a new car wash.

Dave Spencer

Earlier today, I was driving toward WBKR on Frederica from the bypass and noticed this sign in front of the old Texas Gas building.

Dave Spencer

I'm happy to see new being breathed into this venerable old space here in Owensboro. Ollie Wash will be a part of what will be called The Shoppes.

According to The Owensboro Times, Levi Reames--the man behind Ollie Wash--is promising a high concept new car wash "bigger than anything in Owensboro."

I'm actually a fan of "high-concept" anything, so I can't wait to see what we'll experience when Ollie Wash is open for business.