The Tindall Family has always been super creative when coming up with fun activities for their house full of teenagers.  Entertaining teens takes some major skill and they have it.  From Karaoke nights to dance parties I have often (loosely) wanted to be a Tindall.   This past weekend they hosted a Flea Market Flip Night.

Flea Market Flip hosted by Good Morning America's Lara Spencer is a show where contestants pair up and are taken to a local flea market.  Each pair is given $500 and assigned flip challenges.  The challenges task them to reinvent or refurbish items they have purchased.  They even have a little extra spending money for paint and addition decor for the items.  At completion, they take them to a street market to sell them.  The team that can sell all three projects and/or makes the most money at the end wins $5000.

Ryan and Stacy did not offer a prize of cash but bragging rights in their family may be just as good (their competitive).

These two have always been a blast.  I graduated with them both and I vividly remember in Mrs. Law's Sophmore Chemistry class that Ryan and I cooked up some crazy hilarious scene where he and I had been married and divorced and he was forever never picking up or taking our 30 kids.  It literally played out every single day in class and we would erupt in a fake fight and be called down to stop talking imagine that.

So here is how it went;  each group got $20 and had to go find a project and come back and decide if and what they were going to do with it.  Here is what they came up with.


The projects are up for sale now.  If you are interested you can contact Stacy.

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