Friday was an exciting day on Burlew Boulevard, although it wasn't the kind of excitement people are looking for in their lives.

One of the buildings at the Keystone Apartments caught fire.

And what we didn't know at the time was the potentially life-threatening nature of the blaze.

When I got there Friday afternoon, I had no idea that a man needed rescuing from one of the apartments.

And he was rescued.

And the hero in question is Lieutenant Brian Rowan, who's been fighting fires with the Owensboro Fire Department for the last 13 years.

14 News/WFIE spoke with Lt. Rowan who said that he heard there was someone trapped as he approached the building.

As Rowan was climbing the ladder, the man--whose name the lieutenant still doesn't know--stuck his head out and then was pulled through the window and escorted safely to the ground.

We're thankful for the brave men and women who serve our community and go above and beyond to perform their life-saving duties.

A huge thank you and a salute to Lieutenant Brian Rowan.

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