We received a press release from AAA East Central that pretty much confirmed what I'd guessed over the weekend.

Contrary to aired concerns that gasoline prices were about to shoot back up, well, they've actually begun to crater.

AAA says that there are seven states (Kentucky's one of them) experiencing some of the nation's largest decreases in gas prices.

We're talking a 28 cent dip from the previous month.

That's some nose dive.

Now, I've always heard that the cheaper the gas the worse the economy, and vice versa.

But here's how I feel...I really like it when gas prices go down, and I don't really care what it means in the grand scheme.

The average price of gas in Owensboro right now is $2.45. In Elizabethtown, it's $2.40.

And, naturally, Louisville has the highest of the other cities mentioned (including Bowling Green at $2.46 and Paducah at $2.50), coming in at $2.74 a gallon.

Still and all, that's impressive for a city with a metro population north of a million, since the national average is $2.76.

Can this keep up?

I certainly hope so. I have no problem with my wallet looking like something I took from George Costanza.

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