I saw this sign recently and couldn't wait to go inside Goodwill and ask what "Becca Told Me To" means.

It means a great deal, actually.

"Becca" is Canadian teenager Rebecca Schofield, who died of brain cancer in February, but not before inspiring millions with an online movement of, well, good will.

According to Today.com, when Becca learned her cancer had returned and she was terminal, she kickstarted the #BeccaToldMeTo movement online with her dad's help.

She wanted folks to carry out her wish for people to commit "mass acts of kindness" and to spread the word about it.

It was and is very simple. When you see that hashtag, you perform an act of kindness. The degree is up to you, I suppose.

When she got her awful news, she decided to make a difference.

I believe her mission continues to be accomplished every single day.

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