The pandemic proved to be a make or break for many people.  Owensboro High School football standout, Austin Gough is one of those who found more to life than just living.

Austin is one of five children the fourth to be exact.  The Gough family is a true American hometown family.  If you wanted to find them on any given weekend you can be almost 100% positive it's at a sporting event, the lake, or doing some type of community activity TOGETHER.  They're the type of family you see in photos and think "I wish they were my family"

Aside from having an amazing family, Austin is an all-around stellar athlete.  He was named Defensive Player of the Year by the Owensboro Times, one of Kentucky's Top High School Football Players of 2020, and the list goes on.  The crazy thing is even being a part of all of this you can still take it all for granted.

Austin says "During this past season of quarantine due to COVID-19, I woke up one night after having a crazy dream about my life and the people in it.  Even though there is so much going on with the virus, deaths, and early ending high school and college careers, I felt comfort.  This was because I saw all of these blessings in my life that I had never really noticed until this unfortunate time in society" 

He goes on to talk about taking for granted those blessings you don't see when you have no idea what God is up to.  He says "some people like to call those blessings we take for granted the little things."  He calls them "Unfelt Blessings".

After his dream, he realized exactly what he needed to do.  From a very young age, Austin began dreaming of creating a lifestyle brand.  He would create ideas and design logos.  It wasn't until the pandemic hit that he realized his purpose.

Austin founded "Unfelt Blessings" a lifestyle brand created in the middle of a pandemic.  The t-shirts can be found on Austin's Instagram page.  He plans to donate proceeds from the shirts to a non-profit organization in the future.

He says the brand was built and based solely on the support of his family and friends who continually remind him about the greatest blessings in life.

If you ever meet Austin's parents, Greg and Tina, and his siblings; Hunter, Isaac, Mary-Katherine, and Ethan you'll understand why he is so blessed.

Best of luck to Austin.

Owensboro High School Student Creates Clothing Brand During Pandemic

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