Last week I read some great news that I wish was offered when my Mom and Dad both had cancer and made many trips to the emergency room. The admissions process and waiting for a room is miserable. Owensboro Health Regional Hospital is making it easier!

I remember quite vividly taking Dad and Mom to the emergency room when they were both battling cancer and waiting. A lot of waiting with no food, answers or care. I'd like to commend OHRH for helping solve this problem to give patients and families comfort during the process.

They opened the Express Admit Unit on the 7th floor this month to help speed up the admissions process for patients in the emergency room or sent to the hospital by a physician. They can gather medical information, start treatment and get you prepared for your hospital stay. You'll be comfortable in a private room with your family by your side. There's also food and something to drink available if needed. I could only dream of this a few years ago!

When you're battling a life-threatening illness the only thing you should have to worry about is getting well and getting great medical care. This new unit will help with at least a small part of that nervousness. Thanks Owensboro Health Regional Hospital for listening, caring and making lives better!

For more information about the Express Admit Unit you can click here:

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