One four-year-old from Owensboro can operate big machinery like a boss and he learned from his granddad. You have to see it for yourself...WATCH!


John Ryan Grant just turned four in July and has always loved watching big machines on YouTube.  His momma says he has always been mesmerized by any equipment.

My dad John Hauser owns first impressions lawn and excavating And Jon Ryan has always been mesmerized with all of his equipment. When we’re driving down the road he tells me names of things that I don’t even know.

He started coming when he was 3 1/2 and my dad would start out with letting him sit on his lap and get used to the controls and now he is on his own.


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I think we would be foolish to think there are people out there thinking what in the heck why are they letting him drive those.  The truth is John Ryan grew up around these machines.  He has developed respect and knowledge even at a young age for how they work.  He's gone to work with his granddad and watched him since he was able to walk.  His parents are very cautious about how and when he gets to climb aboard and go to work.  I asked his momma, Lauren, what they do to ensure his safety and the safety of others while he is doing his duty.

He is still very small so we make sure the equipment is in low throttle seatbelt is on and my dad is standing right beside him. The contractors my dad works for always say John Ryan will be preparing their job site by the time he turns five.


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