My buddy Dion Dull had a rather unexpected blast last night.  He went over to Tropicana Evansville to play some cards and found himself at a table with some TV stars.  Yep!  He was joined by Julie and Nanny Faye Chrisley from the popular and hilarious reality TV show Chrisley Knows Best.

Here's a pic of Dion with Nanny Faye . . .

Dion Dull/Facebook

And here's a pic of Dion with Nanny Faye's daughter-in-law, Julie Chrisley . . .

Dion Dull/Facebook

According to Dion, he and Nanny Faye spent the evening playing 3 Card Poker together.  He said, "She's almost 80-years-old and made Julie drive her to gamble.  This woman can play some cards.  And she ain't scared to talk #$%@."  LOL!

Apparently, Nanny Faye christened Dion with a nickname for the night too. She called him "Brown Shuga", which he thought was absolutely hilarious.

No word yet on who won the most money at the table, but I have a message in to Dion to find out.

Chrisley Knows Best is currently in its 7th season on the USA Network.  You can stream episodes of the show by CLICKING HERE!

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