One of the coolest parts about driving through downtown Louisville is the fact that the Big Four Bridge, that connects the city to southern Indiana, is covered in lights.  The way those lights reflect off the water is astounding, gorgeous, modern and cool!  Well, Owensboro, Kentucky could soon have a very similar glow.

At this morning's Rooster Booster breakfast, in his State of the City address, Mayor Tom Watson discussed plans to "light" the Blue Bridge here in Owensboro.  While the project is still in the planning phase, Mayor Watson says the project is estimated to take eight months . . . from design to bidding to construction to completion.

Mayor Watson says the project will cost an estimated $750,000 to $800,000.  While the plans for the lighting project are still in a relative infancy phase, Mayor Watson assured the crowd, "We are going to light that bridge!"

If you want to see how amazing the Big Four Bridge in Louisville looks at night, check this out--->

Imagine how amazing our city will look if we can achieve something similar!  If Mayor Watson gets his way, we will.

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