Here at WBKR, we've partnered with Blue Star Restoration to bring you WBKR's Hero of the Month.  This month we are honoring Debbie Lockridge from Meijer here in Owensboro.

Hero of the Month honors someone in the tristate who goes above and beyond for their fellow men and women.

You can find Debbie on any given day of the week greeting you with energy and a smile at Meijer.  I have never met another person who does their job with the excitement and joy that she does.

I first met Debbie in 2018 when Charlotte and I visited the store and in true Charlotte fashion she was throwing a complete fit while I was checking out.  Debbie noticed and came over to talk with her.  She got her to stop and even brought her pennies to ride the Penny Horse.  I sat amazed by her service.  She didn't know us but she made our whole day.  In fact, Charlotte still asks to see her when we go to the store.

I have noticed over the past few months others have commented on Debbie's service;


This is what Debbie had to say about why she lives life the way she does;

 I just want YOU to know how much this means to ME if OUR World could only Grasp the Meaning of Be KIND to Others this is my opinion it Surely Does NOT cost Money to be this way and I TRUELY Enjoy Each and Every one that I encounter at Meijer.

If everyone could wake up each day with half the positive attitude as Debbie how different this world would be.

Congratulations, Debbie, we are so honored to award you as WBKR's Hero of the Month!

If you are in Meijer and see Debbie make sure to tell her congrats.


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