Yesterday, my mom sent me the most adorable photo of a little girl who was having NO PART of sitting on Santa's lap. Now, when we think about Santa, we think about a little round man, with a white beard, and a soft red suit. But, when I saw this photo, I realized there is a side to Santa that we had no idea existed. Apparently, he's a Marine! And he is affectionately referred to as "Gunny Claus." American hero or not, little Leah-Ann still wasn't having any part of it!

Sumner Family

Fourteen-month-old Leah Ann Sumner is the only child to parents Jacob Sumner (Apollo 2014 graduate) and Katy (Kirk) Sumner (DCHS 2014 Graduate) - both of Owensboro. Jacob is also a Marine and the family is stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC.

Baby Leah Anne (before the Santa incident) - Sumner Family

Earlier this week, the military base hosted a Christmas party for the families.The party was very kid-friendly with a nice dinner, arts and crafts, and rounded off the evening with Gunny dressed in his uniform. Leah Ann's grandmother, Roxanne, explained that the tot was very happy in line but when they sat her on Santa's lap, tears flowed! Roxanne was also excited that the family will get to come home to Owensboro for Christmas!

We are so very proud of both of them, so far from home (12 hours). Jacob is serving our conty and Katy by his side really makes you proud to be their parents. -Roxanne Kirk

We thank the Sumner family for their service and all the military members around the world along with their families! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sumner Family