Quick...name a common bond between the University of Kentucky and Duke University. Quick...how many members of Big Blue Nation just crossed me off their Christmas card lists?

Well, not so fast.

It isn't like that.

There's no basketball to be mentioned here. Just medicine.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Dr. Mark Newman, the current president of Duke's Private Diagnostic Clinic, has been chosen to helm UK Healthcare.

What's more, Dr. Newman is originally from Owensboro.

What's EVEN more, he is also a graduate of my alma mater, Western Kentucky University.

An Air Force veteran who was deployed during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Dr. Newman attended medical school at the University of Louisville and will return to Kentucky with his family to take his new position.

Okay, there WILL be basketball mentioned here:

Duke, UK, Western, and U of L.

I'd love to ask him to put them in order...just to see.

Seriously, we wish Dr. Newman all the best at the University of Kentucky and are very proud to have a native Owensboroan doing great things for a great many people.


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