OMG! You have no idea!"  That was Garrett Leonard's response when I asked him how often he gets told that he looks like pop star Ed Sheeran.  "Literally get it at least twice a week."  And, with one look at Garrett, there's no wonder why he's routinely mistaken for the international singing sensation!

Here's a shot of Garrett from a couple of years ago!


Here's a shot of Ed Sheeran.  As you can see, there are various similarities: the red hair, the fair skin, the nose, the scruff . . .

The BRIT Awards 2017 - Red Carpet Arrivals
John Phillips/Getty Images

Garrett says it happens "all the time."  People routinely tell him he looks like Ed Sheeran.  However, Garrett admits he doesn't personally see the resemblance.  But he thinks it's really funny when people approach him.


How hilarious are these two shots?  Ed and Garrett have exactly the same lip and mouth structure!  Throw a baseball cap backward on Ed's head and you've got Garrett!

Ed Sheeran And Siva Kaneswaran Visit The "Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show"
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Garrett was back in Owensboro just a few days ago and was out shopping with his grandma.  A woman noticed him and immediately walked up to say, "You just like the Ed Sharon!"  LOL!  Well, she may have gotten the last name a bit incorrect, but she's right on the money.  I'm just "Thinking Out Loud" here . . . but the resemblance is "Perfect."  Just look at the "Photograph!"


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