Some sad news for local bargain hunters and vendors.  One of the most popular "seek and find" retailers in Owensboro just announced it's going to close.  Vendors of Owensboro Peddlers Mall received a letter yesterday explaining that the final day of operation will be August 31st, 2020.

While the letter to vendors lists a specific closing date, there is indication that the Peddlers Mall could resurface at another location in Owensboro.  The exact verbiage of the letter from owner John George reads as follows, " . . . this will be our last month at this specific location. I would like to mention that we are currently looking at other venues in the area and will keep you all apprised if we find another suitable location."

In the meantime, vendors and customers are gearing up for the final month of offering and snagging great deals.  As a matter of fact, vendors (like Angel) have been given a list of instructions to follow about the closing their vendor booths.

From the official letter/announcement:

-Vendors will have exactly 10 days to remove everything from the premises: this includes all merchandise and walls. 

-A staff member will be present in the store from Sept. 1st through Sept. 10th during normal business hours while vendors are departing.

*There are no exceptions – you must be completely moved out by September 10th at closing time*

-Booths must be left in “broom-clean” condition once fully emptied.

-Your final check will not be distributed until properly done so. 

-Please do not dump trash behind the store and/or leave garbage (including walls) inside the store; fees will be charged accordingly.  

Several friends of mine, including Angel, Teresa and Louis, have booths at Owensboro Peddlers Mall.  They are disappointed to hear the news, but are also hopeful that owners will find a new home for their finds.  Obviously, here on WBKR, Angel is the "queen of bargain hunting" and will be keeping an eye out and ear on further developments in this story.

In the meantime, if you're a fan of the bargains and booths at Owensboro Peddlers Mall, August will be your final month to visit the Mall in its current space.

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A look inside Owensboro Peddlers Mall

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