You literally cannot escape the Coronavirus.  News of the latest pandemic is literally everywhere- the television, newspapers, social media.  As a matter of fact, social media may be one of the reasons that fears of the virus seem to be spreading more rapidly than the virus itself.  Yesterday, the staff at Owensboro Pediatrics shared some essential information about the outbreak, including the history of Coronavirus, the latest incarnation of it and, even more importantly, a variety of steps that you can take to prevent it.

If you have additional questions about the Coronavirus, you can check out latest information from the Centers for Disease Control, by CLICKING HERE.   Owensboro Pediatrics, like other healthcare institutions around the world, is fully aware that education in preventing acquisition and transmission is key.

Owensboro Pediatrics is located at 2200 East Parrish Avenue, Building B, Suite 101 here in Owensboro.

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