Although the kids will be back in school in about a week from right now, the calendar says we have LOTS of summer left over. Of course, you might have to scale your plans back to weekend activities, but that's no big deal. There will be plenty of those to choose from.

Owensboro Regional Recovery Golf Ball Drop

Take, for example, a very cool charity event happening on August 18th, and you'll be able to enjoy it--and possibly win something awesome--from the air-conditioned comfort of your home...or wherever you enjoy air-conditioned comfort. Plus you'll be helping an amazing organization.

What Is Owensboro Regional Recovery?

Owensboro Regional Recovery--a branch of Audubon Area Community Services--has worked wonders here in the city since its inception in 2010. Right there on the website, you'll see the succinct but potent mission statement: Today for tomorrow.

Of course, there's much more:

Owensboro Regional Recovery’s mission is to provide a safe and caring environment for men who suffer from the disease of substance abuse and equip them with the necessary education and resources to continue their path of recovery. We are a service of the non-profit Audubon Area Community Services.

Owensboro Regional Recovery Golf Ball Drop -- What to Expect

On August 18th, Owensboro Regional Recovery will host a Golf Ball Drop on Facebook Live. It's a huge fundraiser with an incredible opportunity for players:

If you've never seen a golf ball drop fundraiser and are wondering how it works, check this out:

It's all about getting your numbered ball as close to the flag as possible. But ultimately, it's all about raising money for Owensboro Regional Recovery so that its mission will continue AND continue to grow.

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