Summer's comin', ready or not. But I bet a lot of us are ready, despite the fact that we didn't have the coldest winter we've ever had.

I'm guessing last week's unusual May cold blast got folks far more in the mood for summer than if we'd had typical muggy May weather.

Well, get ready, because Owensboro's spray parks are getting set to open.

The city has three spray parks--located at Smothers Park, Legion Park, and Kendall-Perkins Park.

I have to admit that I was in the dark about the Legion spray park.

(I got all Dr. Seuss there for a second.)

So put May 27th on whatever type of calendar you have if you are looking forward to the spray parks.

That's the day they will open, according to

All locations will be open from 9AM to 9PM everyday from the 27th through Labor Day.

Now, typically, public pools and lakes wrap it at the end of Labor Day, but not our spray parks.

They'll be open after Labor Day from 10AM to 6PM through the end of September, weather permitting.

And of course, the parks are free to the public.

Now, if you have groups of 10 or more you plan to take to the spray parks, you might want to call 270-687-8333 and check on availability.


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