Writer and Director Shane Devon was the darling of the Imaginarium 2023 Awards Banquet in Louisville. The main goal of the festival, now in its 10th year, is to bring independent creative minds together. Congratulations to Shane and the entire cast and crew of Ghost-O-Matic.

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Shane graduated from Breckinridge County High School in 1996. He went on to get a degree in Music Education and Performance from Kentucky Wesleyan College, graduating in 1999. Music and filmmaking have been in Shane's blood for most of his life. Although he's been making films and content for many years, he's best known for Piper Pence and the Pandemic (2021), The UFO Girl (2022), and Ghost-O-Matic (2022). And, for winning awards!


I'm familiar with this short film because my stepson was part of the sound team. Josh loves working with local filmmakers. So, it was no surprise he shared this honor on social media yesterday.

Imaginarium 2023 received a record number of entries this year to celebrate its 10th Anniversary season. The competition was steep, but Ghost-O-Matic won "Best Sound" and was the runner-up for "Best Short Film". What a great honor for Shane, along with the cast and crew.


Owensboro and the area have so many talented people who love the arts. Here are just a few to shine a light on!

Shane Devon - Writer/Director/Director of Photography/Editor
Gill Holland - Producer
Jeff Thacher - Music and Orchestrations
Bethany Westerfield - Assistant Director
Turner Vaughn - 2nd Assistant Director
Divinity Rose - Executive Producer
P.J. Starks - Executive Producer
Jarrett Koral - Associate Producer
Joshua Orion - Boom Operator
Jennifer Alvey - Production Supervisor

Ava Wiggins - Madison
Taylor Pollitt - Jessie
Nate Gross - Mr. Lewis
Evender Hodges Sanders - Jessie's Mom
Todd Reynolds - Madison's Dad
Bethany Westerfield - Vivian Richards

Bryony Matthewman
Calli B
Daniel Meadows
Shannon Jones
Sam Proof
Karen Alloy
Mark Ribolla
Paul Yokota
Kimmy Leduc
Rebeccah Snyder
Shane Devon
Liz McFerron

The short film has also been nominated for other festivals across the country. Ghost-O-Matic is available to watch on all your favorite streaming platforms.

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