I saw something on social media the other day from someone complaining about gas prices back on the rise.

He was comparing it to the price at the pump a year ago and there's about an 80-cent difference. Then someone chimed in with, "Do you really WANT it to be June 2020 again?"

I certainly don't.

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But this IS an illustration of ANOTHER side of returning to a sense of normalcy following more than a year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Low gas prices were a plus, but there was hardly anywhere to go due to shutdowns and reduced hours.

In fact, I remember noticing a gas sign in May of 2020 that read "94 cents." In the third decade of the 21st century, seeing a sign I could easily have seen in college in the 1980s was unsettling.

So gas prices, as expected, are back up and pretty much where they were before the onset of the pandemic.

If you are a patron of public transportation, you have been riding with Owensboro Transit free of charge since March of 2020.

But on July 6th, it will become necessary for OTS to resume accepting fares on vehicles. OTS will charge $1.00 for adults and 50 cents each for seniors 60+, those who are disabled or on Medicare, and kids aged 7 to 18. Children 6 and under will continue to ride free.

Day passes and monthly passes will be available for purchase and transfers will be free of charge, but they will only be given out downtown and will be good for one transfer only. Transfers are only valid when boarding at the Owensboro Transit office downtown.

For a complete schedule, visit Transit.Owensboro.org.

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