Who knew that the Valero station on 4th Street behind the old Yellow Rose was THE place to be in Owensboro?  Well, Kathy Adkins will tell you it is.  She popped in recently and purchased a Kentucky Lottery scratch-off ticket.  As she started to scratch, she couldn't believe what she was seeing!

Kathy purchased a Fat Wallet scratch off and, naturally, started scratching away.  She said, "When I scratched the first 5x, I figured it was going to be a dollar and I had won my 5 dollars back.  When I realized I had won $5000 I couldn’t believe my luck. When I kept scratching and kept winning, I hit shock."  When it was all said and done, Kathy's Fat Wallet lotto ticket turned out to be worth $60,000!

Kathy Adkins
Kathy Adkins

Kathy refers to herself as a "tight wad" who hardly ever buys scratch off tickets.  But, she was definitely in the right place at the right time.  #Valero

When she realized she had won, she called her sister Linda.  Linda had just been released from a Lexington hospital following open heart surgery.  Linda didn't believe Kathy at first, so she made Kathy take a photo of the scratch off and send it to her. She could hardly believe it.  Neither could Kathy.  In fact, Kathy says, "It didn't really become real until we went the next day and they (the Kentucky Lottery) gave me the check."

And this is hilarious!  Kathy has some advice for anyone that ever has to go the Kentucky Lottery office in Louisville.  There are parking meters all around the lottery headquarters.  Kathy only had one quarter in her purse . . . not enough money to park the car.  Luckily her friend Janet (with Kathy in the photo above), who drove her to Louisville to collect her winnings, had enough change to park the car.  LOL!

The ongoing joke now is that Kathy went to pick up $60,000 with just a quarter in her purse!  Now, she's got all kinds of quarters . . . and heckuva Kentucky Lottery story to tell.

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