You've heard the phrase "sitting on a gold mine," right? Well, some people KNOW they're sitting on a gold mine, and some don't. Someone out there is sitting on that figurative gold mine, but I wonder if they know it.

Who Has the Winning Kentucky Lottery Ticket?

If you purchase a Kentucky Lottery ticket, here's what needs to happen, and it comes straight from the source:

Prizes up to $600 may be claimed at any Kentucky Lottery retailer. You do not need a claim form. If you won playing online, prizes up to $600 will be directly deposited into your online account. For prizes above $600, you will receive an email with instructions on how to process your claim and collect your winnings.

But that email won't come if the Kentucky Lottery folks don't know who you are. And if you win an amount over $600, you need to visit the lottery's website and print a claim form. And yes, you'll need to go to Louisville for the big purses.

And if a ticket isn't redeemed, the money goes back into Kentucky's Unclaimed Prize Fund, a supporter of the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship.

Kentucky Lottery Ticket Purchased Last Summer Is About to Expire

Back on July 19th, a Kentucky Lottery ticket was purchased at a Pilot Travel Center in Henry County KY, and it was a million dollar winner. Why someone who purchased such a ticket wasn't hyper-vigilant about checking numbers I don't understand. There may be reasons why someone would wait to claim their money, but this is the 11th hour, and they need to come forward.

That load of cash will vanish if the owner of that ticket doesn't high-tail it to the Kentucky Lottery by January 12th and claim it. And here's the expires on January 15th, but that's Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so the lottery office will be closed.

Do YOU know someone who was in Pendleton KY on July 19th? Could they have casually picked up a life-changing lottery ticket to go along with their large coffee and Clif Bar?

I certainly hope we know the answers to all the pertinent questions by January 12th.

[SOURCE: WPSD-Paducah]

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