On a number of occasions, I've visited the Edge Ice Center for a variety of events--sponsored and non-sponsored. And on those same number of occasions, I've always felt a little envious of all those kids out there on the ice just effortlessly having a blast playing hockey and not thinking one bit about the actual SKATING that's involved.

I've tried all kinds of skating and it does not work for me. So I kind of live vicariously through all those players and the adults who skate like they were born with blades on their feet. Plus, the Edge Ice Center provides such a warm (ironically enough) atmosphere, it's just fun to sit and observe.

A New Owensboro Youth Hockey Program for Kids with Special Abilities

Those times when I've been there for work? They've often been when the Owensboro Youth Hockey Association is hosting games. Now that IS a lot of fun. And you can see how fulfilling it is for those kids. Well...sometimes you just have to KNOW they're out there.

Forever reaching out, the Owensboro Youth Hockey Association is proud to announce another fulfilling venture with a brand new program called Hockey Heroes, presented in conjunction with the City of Owensboro.

Hockey Heroes Requires No Prior Skating or Other Type Skills

According to Owensboro Youth Hockey's Chris Gendek, here's who Hockey Heroes is for:

Anyone ages 4 and up with special abilites can register for the event. This program is designed as an introduction to ice hockey and no prior skating or other skills is required for participation.

Gendek goes to explain that Hockey Heroes is just the beginning of what could be described as a new phase for Owensboro Youth Hockey:

This is an exciting time to be apart of Owensboro Youth Hockey Association. Hockey Heroes is just the beginning for other programs we intend to announce in the future. Hockey and ice sports in general should be inclusive across all demographics.

If you need more information, you may contact Owensboro Youth Hockey Association board member Shelley Barber at shelleybarber1104@yahoo.com or you may call 270-952-2944.

Hockey Heroes begins this Saturday at 11:30. Arrive by 11 AM to be fitted for gear.

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