Do you hear what I hear?  Owensboro singer-songwriter Andy Brasher is always full of surprises.  Andy launched a YouTube #SongSunday series over a year ago.  That series is precisely what it indicates.  On Sundays, Andy shares a video of himself performing a song.  And, making this series so fun and unpredictable is the fact that his song selections run the gamut.  He's performed everything from Sam Hunt to Morgan Wallen to Allman Brothers to Tim McGraw to Charlie Daniels to Elsa (not a typo) and more.

Well, this past Sunday, Andy got into the holiday spirit, put on a Christmas sweater (and flannel pajama pants) and tackled one of the biggest and most gorgeous songs in the Christmas canon.  As a matter of fact, Andy says it's one of his favorites.  Here's his rock-flavored rendition of "O Holy Night."

While Andy typically gives his southern rock flavor to nearly everything he plays, he has thrown in some other big #SongSunday surprises.

For example- check this out!  Andy recently shared his take on "The Rainbow Connection."

And my personal favorite outside-the-box selection from Andy was this one- his version of "Let It Go."

Andy shares a new #SongSunday performance each Sunday at 12:30pm CST.  If you'd like to see more of Andy's YouTube performances, you can visit his official page by CLICKING HERE!

And be sure to check out Andy's new album, Myna Bird- which is available on all music streaming platforms.

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