Love is in the air! Andy Brasher recently released a new song that he wrote for his longtime girlfriend, Tamarra Miller. I had the chance to speak to Tamarra and ask about the song and what Andy means to her. Be listening during the Lunchtime Request Show where we will debut “If She Loves”, from his upcoming album, Myna Bird.

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I've known this beautiful couple for many years. You can tell that they have a special bond. A love that radiates whenever you're around them. As a matter of fact. When I was looking for which photos that I wanted to use for this story, it was hard to choose. All of the photos on social media show them smiling, adoring and loving one another.

Andy Brasher Music

I've been a huge fan, not only of them, but of the music that Andy puts out. "By God" is a song that should have been pick up by every country radio station in the country. Luckily for us, Andy has tenacity and knows he has what it takes to make it in this business. Myna Bird is his latest effort and “If She Loves" is being released today!

Andy Brasher Music

"I've been looking forward to releasing 'If She Loves' probably more than any one song on the record," Brasher told Wide Open Country in a recent article, "It's personal. I wrote it for my girlfriend, Tamarra, who embodies the song. And it just so happens to be coming out on Valentine's Day!"

Andy Brasher Music

Andy and Tamarra have been together for almost four years. They not only love spending time together, Tamarra is often seen at his shows. Sometimes on stage and always his biggest cheerleader. They both have a passion for music and for the community.

I asked Tamarra what she loves most about Andy. Without hesitation she said, "He is kind, sweet, thoughtful, selfless, giving and oh so loving! He always finds a way to make me feel special EVERY single day."

When asked about how she felt about having a song written for her, Tamarra had real emotions. "Having him write a song about and for me means the world. I was definitely embarrassed the first several times that he sang it live to me. But now, it's always a moment in his shows that allows us to connect and feel like we are the only ones in the room, amongst the crowd.", she said.

Andy Brasher Music

The official music video for "If She Loves" will be released later this month! In the meantime, you can listen to it live, as heard on WBKR earlier today.

LOVE this song!

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