Owensboro is growing and changing more often than most realize.  Over ten years ago we added the Edge Ice Center and this past weekend we added a second rink to town.


When I think of an ice rink I think first of slippery, cold ice and a whole lot of fun.  The Edge Ice Center often referred to as the coolest place in town is all over those things.  The newest ice rink sliding into town is two out of the three.  Let me explain.

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Angel here and this past weekend our family ventured together down to Friday After 5 for the Christmas in July celebration.  When I heard there was going to be an ice rink downtown I was absolutely pumped and also had a lot of questions.  My first one was "where are they putting it?" and "how are they keeping the ice cold?"  I discovered very fast the answer to both my questions.  We were directed to the Owensboro Convention Center in the large convention hall and there it was a very large ice rink.  From afar I was watching kids skate in shorts and dresses and they weren't wet.  As we got closer I realized it wasn't ice at all.  It's plastic!


Tucker and Charlotte both laced up their skates and out on the "ice" they went.  I feel weird even saying that but it looks so dang real.  The funny thing is it's a whole lot slicker than regular ice.  The coolest part was the ice skate glided just as good or even better on the synthetic ice.  Charlotte was on her butt more than she was skating.


Synthetic ice is solid polymer material shaped and molded to interlock together to form a rink.  The pieces fit together like a puzzle.  Most rinks can be put together by just a few people depending on the complexity of all the parts used (i.e. rink, siding, etc.)


Now don't worry The Edge Ice Center doesn't truly have any competition.  This new rink is only for special occasions.  Laura Alexander of the Owensboro Convention Center says they purchased the rink last year and COVID kept it from being able to be used.  This was the first time they have been able to debut it.  If you missed Christmas in July no worries you'll have a chance to experience it this winter:


According to Laura the Owensboro Convention Center will have a super fun new event just in time for the holidays:

1. The event in the winter will be called Energy on Ice as the sponsors are Atmos Energy, Boardwalk Pipelines, Southern Star, and the Staton Family Foundation.

2. It will begin the day after Thanksgiving and run through the holiday season.

3. Current plan is to set it up outside on the Kentucky Legend Pier.

4. $10 with skate admission, $8 if you bring your own. Everyone will have to pay an admission to enter the premises though as there will be much more to the Energy On Ice event than just skating.

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