We've been anxiously waiting to find out if Owensboro's Cathy Mullins would be chosen to sing the National Anthem at Nashville Predators home games this season.

Guess what?

ALL FOUR FINALISTS have been selected!

The NHL said that the volume of votes was so overwhelming--over 10,000 received--that it was clear to them that they had to select all four.

So CONGRATULATIONS TO CATHY MULLINS and her fellow finalists Tamica Harris, Katie Ohh and Keesha Rainey!

This is a really exciting and very smart decision on the League's part.

Now the friends and families of ALL these talented ladies can celebrate!

The NHL published profiles of all four finalists and the dates of their debut performances, although Cathy's was the only one that simply mentioned the month and not a specific date.

Her expected debut is in November.

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