This home located at 16 Stone Creek in Owensboro recently sold for over $2 Million Dollars but that's not even the best part of the story behind this house-->

According to Riverfront Appraisals here in Owensboro;


The original home was built in 1983, but in 2009, a local doctor purchased the home for $1.1M and rebuilt it. He then sold the basically brand new home to Michael Dell (yes, that Michael Dell) in 2012 for $2.3M.

Obviously, this wasn’t Dell’s primary residence, and after staying in the home off and on for the last several years, he put it on the market. Originally listed at $3,850,000, after 653 days on the market, it sold for $2,200,000. And did I mention he spent a reportedly $1.8M on renovations?

A friend of mine told me that Mr. Dell purchased the home for his daughter, who loved horseback riding and this got her closer to her love of horses.

JoAnn Risner
JoAnn Risner
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