I've known PJ Starks for a dozen or so years. He came into the studio back when Chad Benefield and I were reviewing movies on WOMI. And that's been over a decade ago.

Well now, just in time for Halloween, PJ is executive-producing a horror comedy short film called Piper Pence and the Pandemic. Can you say "timely?"

Piper Pence and the Pandemic tells the story of Piper Pence who has isolated herself within her home because of a worldwide zombie pandemic. Like all of us during the COVID-19 pandemic, Piper has been occupying her time trying to stay safe, sane, and entertained.

But months pass, and after a very long period of time spent in isolation, Piper starts to feel the situation somewhat normalize only to discover that the threat has now come closer to home than it ever has before.

While PJ is the exec-producer, the producers are Gill Holland and Jarrett Korall and the production house from which the film comes to us is Tinker Tone Pictures, based in Owensboro. Tinker Tone's mission is "making multi-genre films in the region" according to its press release. I think that's pretty exciting, since I've LONG believed there are so many cool shooting locations in and around this town.

The film stars newcomer Liz Dillman as Piper and was written and directed by Shane Devon in his directorial debut.

Here's what Shane had to say about the conception of Piper Pence and the Pandemic:

“Like everybody else, I’ve been isolated for the last six months or so. This whole mess totally obliterated what was supposed to be my first feature film last summer, ‘The Third Rock Five’. But I wanted to make SOMETHING. And I was excited to work with Liz. So, what’s on my mind? Well, what’s on everybody’s mind? The pandemic. Of course. I decided to take everything I’ve thought or felt or experienced during the isolation and channel it through this young woman who is dealing with her own global pandemic, which happens to be a zombie pandemic. I think people will find a bit of themselves in Piper Pence, especially those who have only left the house a handful of times in the last few months. I hope they will relate and maybe take something away from spending some time with her.”

Piper Pence and the Pandemic will be released October 30th and available online at tinkertonepictures.com.

Tinker Tone Pictures
Tinker Tone Pictures
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