The yields of winter are evident on the streets of Owensboro, aren't they? Potholes the size of Maryland are everywhere thanks to a winter that can't seem to let go.

That's why war has been declared on the motorist's peskiest villain.

But we are all players in this municipal game of Risk® and have been asked to assist the city in its mission of eradicating this problem.

The War on Potholes is set for the week of April 23rd through the 27th.

During this period of time, Owensboroans are being asked to call City Action at 270-687-4444 to report the location of all potholes.

If you see one, drop a dime.

And when you call in your report, be as specific as you possibly can be. In other words, in addition to addresses and/or intersections, give nearby landmarks.

This will help city workers patch these suckers during the two-week period of April 30th through May 11th.

The City of Owensboro will pass your information along to the proper officials.

Again, call the provided number or send an email to

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