It's beginning to look at lot like...well, yeah, Halloween, but you'd be kidding yourself if you think people aren't already thinking about Christmas.

In the same way I begin enjoying Halloween in early September, the biggest Christmas fans are already heavily into the planning stages. There are even streaming services that play nothing but Christmas music year-round. And when I was a kid, we would have already had the Sears Christmas catalogue by now, and I would've been bouncing off the walls. It's nothing new.

And if you're really down for getting your Christmas on in September, know that tickets to a very special holiday event go on sale this Friday, September 23rd at 10 AM.


Pentatonix is bringing "A Christmas Spectacular" to Rupp Arena in Lexington Sunday, December 4th. Here's a clip from the quintet's 2021 Evergreen Christmas Tour:

The first time I ever heard Pentatonix was at Christmas time and probably soon after they won the NBC singing competition The Sing-Off in 2013.


Of course, many of you already know that Kevin Olusola--a founding member of the group--is a native of Owensboro. You can find his plaque downtown on the Owensboro Walk of Fame. Here, he shares his experiences attending Owensboro Public Schools:


Well now, Kevin and his fellow musicians will bring their extraordinary talents to Rupp Arena, and Christmas music--in my opinion--is their forte. I mentioned that the first time I ever heard Pentatonix that it was during the holiday season. Well, this was the song, and I keep it handy on Christmas playlists throughout the season.

Over the decades, there have been iconic recordings of that holiday standard, but for me, their version is the one.


And along the way, Pentatonix has picked up three Grammys, including one for a collaboration with Dolly Parton on a version of her immortal "Jolene."

And just because it's Christmas doesn't mean they'd leave THAT off the song list. I hope not anyway.

Pentatonix is coming to Rupp Arena Sunday, December 4th. And you have a Christmas planned now, don't you?

[SOURCE: LEX18-Lexington]

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