I remember on October 25th, 1990-something, a person dropped off two orange kittens and a black kitten at my mom's work. I was IN LOVE. Unfortunately, we couldn't keep them and my mom had to find homes. It was their luck they were orange and black - perfect Halloween kittens. One of the Halloween kittens didn't find a home with a stranger. He became my very own Halloween kitten. I named him Pete (I was reading Tom Sawyer at the time) and he was by my side for the next 21 years.

If you are looking for unconditional love and affection in your life, or, if you are a good person who has a few extra square inches in your home, consider adopting or fostering a perfect Halloween kitten from Daviess County Animal Shelter. The need is URGENT at this time. Call (270) 685-8275 for more information.

Shelter is full of cats and no empty cages. All these kittens and the black mom with 3 young kittens need foster asap. The black longhair cat, Voodoo, that is by himself is ready to be adopted. With no empty cages these kittens will be euthanized very soon, as early as tomorrow. Please consider fostering. Fostering saves lives without making a forever commitment. Kittens do not fair well in shelter and rarely survive shelter life.
If you live in Daviess County and can help by fostering please contact the shelter directly.
Daviess County Animal Shelter
Owensboro Ky


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