Reid's Orchard in Owensboro got a new potbelly pig over this year and she's made herself right at home.  Including having no problem eating all the snacks she can get.

Angel here and last Friday I had a remote broadcast out at Reid's and one of my favorite things to do while I'm there is feed the farms animals down in Reidland Play Area.  Conveniently most days when I'm there it is while the kids are in school so I have the animals all to myself.  Val and Katie always let me have different veggies or fruits from the farm to take down and feed them.  On Friday they had leftover watermelon halves and told me I could take those and some apples to my furry farm friends.

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SIDE NOTE:  I think the animals really remember and know certain people when they visit and I visit A LOT!  Two times earlier this summer I accidentally let them all out of the gate (yes, two different times) while I was feeding them.  So when they hear my loud, screechy voice they come running.  I'm pretty sure they're all like "hey guys it's the dingaling girl that lets us out she's fun!"  We're all great friends.  Mainly because I feed them and rubbed Bella's belly.

Bella was the first to greet me.  I slipped the watermelon through the fence and dropped it to the ground and I didn't really expect her to like it as much as she did.  She devoured that thing in like a minute flat.  She cleaned it down to the rind.  Pro-tip for anyone feeding a piggy watermelon...BACK OFF!   Bella doesn't play games when it comes to her eating.  I caught it all on video and laughed the whole time.

I also learned that watermelon is a great treat for pigs because it has much-needed nutrition and high water content for their sweet chubby piggy bodies.

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