All week long here at WBKR, we're playing CODEBREAKERS for a chance to win a trip to Panama City Beach, Florida.  Well, Pixie the Pig has beaten you to it.  LOL!  Pixie is from Muhlenberg County and her parents Michelle and Danny decided to drive her down to PCB for her very first opportunity to put her toes (and her snout) in the sand.

This morning, Pixie arrived and made her triumphant debut at the beach.  And, yes!  She did so with her toenails painted hot pink for the occasion.

Michelle says that Pixie is "a true Pamela Anderson.  She loves running on the beach!"  That said, Pixie refused to get her toes wet during her first trip to the edge of the Gulf.

As you can see from the photos, Pixie may have had reservations about getting her feet wet, but she had no issues at all with burying her snout in the sand.  And, according to Michelle, that's not the only thing dragging the sand.  She adds, "She's gonna drag her fourteen boobies through the sand too."  LOL!

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