Halloween is two days away and we have not bought the kid's costumes.  If you are anything like me I do it all last minute.  Have no fear I found a few places with great costumes.

Robin's Resale here in Owensboro has several racks of Halloween Costumes.  And for the bargain shopping mom in all of us they are 50% off!

Robin's Resale
Robin's Resale
Robin's Resale

A Repeat Boutique in town is also running a 50% sale on all Halloween Costumes and decorations in store.

The Common Good Community Store located inside Owensboro Christian Church also has costumes for just a few bucks.  They are only open Thursday from 9 a.m.-Noon.

Angel Welsh

En Vogue off Alvey Park Drive has Halloween costumes and outfits for 50%.

Also try other consignment and thrift stores in Owensboro or your area.  Many time places will markdown costumes when it is close to Halloween to move them out.

Goodwill and St. Vincent De Paul are both great places to check out too.