According to FlightTrackerLive the N349SB departed from Taylorsville, IL, and was en route to Gallatin, TN. Around 2:00 PM reports started to come in about an aircraft that had crashed on the Helfrich Park Golf Course.

Flight Plan

As you can see on this flight tracker map, this aircraft lost speed and altitude just before 2:00 PM.

flight tracker
flight tracker

Witness Account

My friend Penny Goddard just happened to be about a block away when the plane went down. She told me that there was no loud or unusual sound. In fact, it was like there was no engine, it was silent and just glided onto the golf course.

When you consider the fact that there were golfers on the course, Mesker Park Zoo is open and preparing for another Boo at the Zoo event, and that area of the west side is full of businesses and houses, this crash landing was basically a miracle.


EvansvilleWatch reported that there were four subjects were onboard the plane. Two adults and two kids. The Federal Aviation Administration has been notified and will investigate the crash.

This is an ongoing situation. As of this time, we do not have an update on any patients or injuries. 

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About the Aircraft

The N349SB is registered to SKYFUSION II LLC
ATLANTA, GA. Built in 1977 this single-engine plane seats 7.

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Worst Fear

One of my biggest fears in life is seeing a plane go down. I'm not afraid to fly, it's when I see a plane flying lower than I think it should that I kind of freak out. Ironically, I live very close to Evansville Regional. But, I would never be able to live along the landing flight path. Seeing how low the planes get by Kansas Road, Oak Hill school, and even around 1st Ave literally makes me ill.

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