Don't be alarmed if your driving by Old KY 54 in Philpot Saturday, March 31st, 2018 as there will be a controlled fire at Dawson Baptist Church.

Dawson Baptist via Facebook
Dawson Baptist via Facebook


We wanted to help get the word out so nobody gets scared when they see the fire and the multiple fire trucks. KY Fire Commission, State Fire & Rescue Training, and local fire departments will be conducting training at the Dawson Baptist Church Youth House which is located at 6025 Old KY 54 in Philpot.

During the morning, multiple training exercises will take place. Following lunch, the entire Youth House will be burned.You can come out and watch if you want to any time during the day. It should all get started around 8:00 AM.

This will be a controlled burn and an excellent training opportunity for our area firefighters.

We'll be praying for everyone's safety during the training.


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