A new plus-size women's clothing boutique is opening this month in Owensboro. Samantha's Closet will offer a wide selection of stylish plus-size apparel and gifts as well. Learn more about the store, and some of the unbelievable original art pieces that will also be offered.

Samantha's Closet

You may have heard or seen Samantha's Closet around Owensboro or online before. Samantha Raley could often be found at different locations selling her jewelry and custom artwork. On any given day you could find her set up at Friday After 5 or at various craft fairs. She's also a 33-year-old wife to Erin, and mother to son to Theo who is 5 years old. Most recently you can also add entrepreneur to her title. Samantha Raley is set to open a new plus-size women's clothing store.

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I had the chance to talk to Samantha to find out more about how the store came about, her passions, and her beautiful artwork, which will also be sold in the store.

Samantha's Closet Set to Open in Owensboro

When asked about the reason why she chose a plus-size store and she shared. "I’ve been plus size my whole life and hate having to either travel to purchase or buy online and not be able to try it on. All in all, it’s a huge hassle. Having a safe place, a sanctuary, where plus-sized people can come and hang out and shop is truly a dream come true for me. I realized it was something I needed and something our community needed. Since I looked around and didn’t see it, I decided to create it."

"I want to be a light for others, To help people feel confident in their own skin. I will always be an advocate for body positivity. My shop will be funkier than most shops, with lots of options for day-to-day as well as events.", Samantha went on to add

Samantha's Closet

Samantha's Closet Resin Art & Jewelry

I was surprised after seeing her resin art and jewelry on social media, that she's pretty new at it. So, I wanted to know more. Samantha shared, "At the beginning of the pandemic, I decided to try something artistic, which I had never done before. I had always said I have great ideas but my hands are stupid. Once I tried Resin Art I realized that my hands were actually really incredible. It took off from there. Once I had been doing it for a while I had people ask to purchase and that’s where Samantha’s Closet came from! I sold my art and worked full-time for about a year. My mental health was really struggling so we made the decision for me to take a leap of faith and quit my day job."

Samantha's Closet will officially open on Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 from 10 AM until 7 PM at 1728 Sweeney in Owensboro. There will be Grand Opening surprises and the Real Hacienda food truck will be there from 2 PM until 4 PM so you can grab a bite to eat while you're there!

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