Uh . . . no!  Authorities in Meade County, Kentucky are investigating complaints at the Field of Screams in Brandenburg.  A teenage girl claims that a clown inside the attraction licked her face and threw her down onto a mattress.

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According to a report from WDRB in Louisville, management of the haunted attraction immediately condemned the behavior and turned the name of the accused actor over to police.  He's believed to be a 28-year-old man from Radcliff.

The grandmother of the accuser says the alleged incident occurred inside the Clown Tent at Field of Screams.  She says the clown licked her granddaughter's face, stuck his tongue in her ear and told her she tasted like vanilla.  She claims he then threw her daughter down to a mattress and pinned her.

At Field of Screams, guests are informed that they may be touched by the actors, but, management, guests and the authorities believe this particular incident crossed the line.  The investigation is ongoing.

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