The sights and sounds of PorchFest OBKY 2021 didn't disappoint. What a beautiful day of free music, delicious food, and fellowship. Let us take a look back at the memorable day!

Barb Birgy
Barb Birgy

PorchFest OBKY 2021

It was a full day of live music on the porches up and down Griffith Ave. in Owensboro. Many residents could be seen walking, biking, and dancing through the neighborhood. And, eating all of the delicious food offered by the many food trucks on hand. The oppressive heat along with the rain and thunderstorms didn't detour anyone. PorchFest was something special for the entire community to enjoy.

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Here are some of the photos that I captured during PorchFest 2021. I hope that you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. Here's looking at 2022, after Andy and Tamarra get some much-needed rest, of course!

Images From PorchFest 2021

Rain or shine fun was had by all at PorchFest. Here’s a look back!

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